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Searchable, Shareable Web Copy

I help web designers and marketing agencies create a culture around their message and exchange value with customers by moving from faceless institutions to engaging brands.


I approach writing as curiously as I do life by asking; why do people do what they do? And, how can I connect with the right people?

You words are your strategy because they determine connection, experience, and impact with those you serve.

I’m about sustainability for small businesses because I want your leap of faith to mean something.

Marketing To Me Means…

Precise With Your Message

Each experience is personal to the user searching, reading, and purchasing. We have the chance to properly address your audience with a personal message

Bold With Your Story

Web copy helps optimize the platform you own and control, just like your store; What do you want the experience to be like for customers? How do you want them to feel?

Generous With Your Value

I apply cognitive psychology & communication practices to make transformation possible, but not without knowing customers through your eyes first

“Hiring Megan was a great decision, as she is communicative, understanding and very talented in her copywriting skills. She met the brief perfectly and is a delight to work with! Her ability to capture tone and hone in on the most important aspects of the business to convey are amazing.”

Kiara Melissa, Web Designer
Kiara Melissa, Web Designer

“I chose Megan because I believed I could get better results for my business with an optimized site and better copy. Megan listened to my vision and executed exactly what I wanted.”

Kim Hairston, Web Designer
Kim Hairston, Web Designer

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