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I’m kind of like your personal word scientist

Slightly mad, yes, but I test problem-solving hypotheses & create effective formulas that turn a harvest for your business

About; SEO Web Copy - I place copy to embrace customers, improve UX, & include on page SEO

I’m a writer

Except here, my character development is based on the humans behind your screen and my storytelling is your branding.

After serving the customer and managing projects, I realized I needed to solve deeper problems starting at the foundation with words and strategy. More certifications and field experience gave me the secret password and the secret handshake to give back the freedom people desperately need in business.

Digital Marketing


The Startup, Medium Publication

Social Media


Language is a plentiful resource

So I won’t follow popular phrases or buzz. Let’s make something that couldn’t have easily been said by anyone and support why this message is coming from you. I believe in using my voice to make a useful contribution and leave things better than how I found them.


I'm a colorado copywriter that loves getting real results for businesses

“Hiring Megan was a great decision, as she is communicative, understanding and very talented in her copywriting skills. She met the brief perfectly and is a delight to work with! Her ability to capture tone and hone in on the most important aspects of the business to convey are amazing.”

Kiara Melissa, Web Designer
Kiara Melissa, Web Designer

Oh! And,

“I chose Megan because I believed I could get better results for my business with an optimized site and better copy. Megan listened to my vision and executed exactly what I wanted.”

Kim Hairston, Web Designer
Kim Hairston, Web Designer

I want to give you the words so you’re empowered to take a seat at the table

but there are only so many client seats I offer per month

Doing business as an introvert means those high-intensity mental workouts, reserved for passion and creativity, make beast mode possible. Which is why I carefully consider which projects I take on and set aside intentional moments to work on them individually.

More About Megan

  • I listen more than I talk, because I like to learn & connect
  • My idea of a party is relaxing with deep conversations
  • I’m personally victimized by Sarah Mclachlan’s dog commercials
  • It’s frustrating venting to me, because I’ll try to fix your problem
  • I’ve likely added a book to my collection while you’re reading this
  • I think emotion doesn’t have to mean mushy, just human



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