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Copywriting Portfolio

Let’s Dream Past Where You Should Be And Work Where You Could Be

The cool thing about a portfolio is that it shows you the possibilities, but sometimes the best part is what’s missing from this list for now; something we dream up together just for your business – let’s add your name under the list of results
Photocartel Web Copy Copywriting Portfolio

The Project; Photo Cartel

Ocean Wall Art
The client, an ocean and landscape photographer, is offering up his life’s work of photos as wall art prints for sale. My approach was to make emotional connections with the audience to show the passion he’s lived throughout his career and encourage customers to take action. This was accomplished by letting his target audience see him and the quality of his work while highlighting the transcendent quality that photos bring; they let us quietly escape and fulfill new experiences in new places. T H E   S C O P E: A Five Page Website, Keyword Research, Meta Titles & Descriptions, Google My Business Description
Colorado Web Design Studios Copywriting Portfolio

The Project; Colorado Web Design Studios

Website Design
The client, a website designer is rebranding. My approach was to speak to a specific audience to differentiate between other website designers and to show the value that her company brings while coming across as professional as a trusted authority. I did this by showing her vast experience for over 13 years and clearly explaining who is served best, including social proof front and center, and building trust with her audience. T H E   S C O P E: 11 Page Website, Image Alt Text, Google My Business Description, Meta Titles & Descriptions For All Pages, + A Privacy Policy Page.
Kiara Melissa Mock Up, Copywriter Portfolio

The Project; Kiara Melissa

Web Designer & Developer
The client, a website designer & developer in Sydney Australia, is letting the world know she’s open for business with a brand new website. My approach was to show her personality while encouraging customers to take action on her portfolio specifically This was accomplished by taking a causal, but professional tone and taking the customer on a simple & clear journey towards the end goal. T H E   S C O P E: A Portfolio Page & Keyword Research
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A great way for any creative person to show off their work. In this psd you can create your own fully customizable desk environment where you can display your own, or your clients work. And there is A LOT of different ways to style it.

The Project; Barber X Bar

Barber Shop & Bar
The client, a barber shop bar in Coogee Beach Australia, is expanding the presence of their business and upleveling their marketing strategy. My goal was to stay in tune with their cool shop vibe brand voice while showing customers the unique advantages of their new subscription model and services overall. This was accomplished by speaking to customers from their point of view and letting the media see a new angle to haircutting, unlike other shops. T H E   S C O P E: Home Page Of Website, Keyword Research, Meta Titles & Descriptions, Google my Business Description

Barber Shop Bar Press Release

The Barber X Bar In Coogee Beach Australia needed the right words to promote their new haircutting subscription model designed with added benefit for coffee lovers. The promotion strategy was to submit the newswire to online publications for news coverage from local travel guides & to increase backlink opportunities

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Barber Bar Press Release Copywriting Portfolio

Sample Press Release, TOMS

This sample press release is promoting a fictional bag sale where some of the profits go to philanthropic causes. This is for the purposes of this portfolio only. The purpose is to show the structure and writing ability of a news release for a new product/sale

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Sample Press Release TOMS, Copywriting Portfolio

Article; How To Boost Website Traffic From Social Media Engagement

This article is promoting effective strategies for social media growth, eventually leading to website traffic for small businesses. It debunks growth “hack” tactics and champions steady, sustainable strategies for small business owners to reach their target audience, consider their unique selling proposition, and build a consistent online presence for their brand

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Article; How To Brand Your Payment Processing System, No Matter What Software You Use

This article is promoting effective strategies for branding a third party app or system when you don’t have end-to-end control of customizations. It teaches business owners to create an experience around asking for the sale and phrasing language to meet customers when they’re most hopeful for solutions, which can increase selling confidence with customers.

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Worried About Making Things Your Own With Third Party Apps? Small Businesses Can Align Their Payment Software With Their Brand, No Matter What Software You Use, See How Here

Sample Social Media Captions, Instagram

This sample social media post is promoting Search Engine Optimization services for a Web Design Company. This is for the purposes of this portfolio only. Each social media campaign includes hashtag research.

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Instagram Mockup Social Media Captions, Web Design

Copy decks are included to show the original copy written. Since the initial project, the copy or website could have been changed