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Frequently Asked Questions

Each project is quoted with a number of revisions included as the agreement is drawn up even before the project begins. 4 versions are typically allotted (more than the average copywriter) and I’m not finished until you love it. If there are additional revision needs, there will be a quick questionnaire to get back on the same page and another revision will be provided. Additional copy changes will incur fees beyond agreement. 

Yes, absolutely! Although, I specialize in SEO Web Copy, I am formally educated & have experience in multiple styles & formats. Send an email to or fill out the form on the contact page to check availability. 

I’m certainly not the cheapest. My prices are based on the value that I can bring you, and the return it gains for your business. Did you know that most customers make their investment back in less than a month? 

My job is to provide your business with copy that you can be proud of in your brand voice that also engages customers. When I send copy over, I’m confident it will engage your customers and be more visible on search engines, but there could be some revisions needed to match your unspoken expectations. Part of my job is managing those expectations, and I don’t take it personally if there’s a phrase that doesn’t sit well or words that strike you the wrong way.

Honestly, every project is different, but all terms of the project are typically sorted out before any copy is written. However, most projects are submitted in 1 week, and any needed revisions are settled the week after.

I am the author of all copy on (and through) Megan Bales SEO Copywriter and do not subcontract out any work. I work directly with all of my clients to ensure the highest quality. I’m easily adaptable to my client’s workflow and company structure, working well on a team & across multiple departments (for agencies) or direct to client (for solopreneurs and smaller businesses).

There is an additional fee for rushed projects, and you will need to check availability before signing the client agreement, and then I will get started working right away.

To get the best deal on my services, select one of my copywriting packages on the services page. As for copy once it’s written, developing a strong content marketing strategy and business plan will be key to the success of your business. Excellent copy can only take you so far with customers and on Google. If you do not have a solid marketing strategy, your return will be much less.

Because of the extensive research I perform to get to know your business, according to the goals enacted in the client agreement, and your customers goals I do not provide any refunds. You are also allotted a certain number of revisions for each project as stated in the contract.