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Frequently Asked Questions

The project isn’t finished until you love it, so we’ll work together to reach a common goal. If there are additional revisions needed beyond the scope of the project, we’ll get back on the same page and move forward.

We’ll work together to address specific lines or sections that don’t align with your style to create content that engages your audience. I don’t take revisions personally I just get to work, guiding you through the copywriting/branding process with the smartest strategies for your objectives.

Most projects are completed within one week, but all terms of the project are sorted out before any copy is written.

I do, but you’ll need to check availability and include all the project details so we can get our ducks in a row; this means scope, objectives, and relevant samples. Then I’ll get started straight away.

It’s easier than you think to create content with the right formality; it’s the same professionalism and personality as an in-person meeting. Collaborating with a copywriter can help you get that just right brand voice to engage with customers without feeling robotic or overly salesy.

You want customers to take a specific path like following checkpoints through the finish line; this means creating needed value around those goals, understanding what a visitor would be asking and when, and creating motivating call to actions to reinforce benefits.

Yes, absolutely! Send an email to or fill out the form on the contact page to check availability. 

My prices are based on the value I offer and the return it gains for your business. Did you know that most customers make their investment back in less than a few weeks? 

According to the goals in the client agreement and the nature of my work, I generally do not provide any refunds. You’re also allotted a certain number of revisions for each project, so we’ll work until everything is just right.

In an emergency saying, “you in the red shirt, come here!” is more effective than asking anybody for help, because people are more likely to act if they know who you’re talking to and what to do.

Your business may not be the same as an emergency situation, but bringing business in can be just as scary sometimes. We have an exciting opportunity to motivate customers to follow through, so creating personal messages just for them is going to be key. It’s also true that people don’t come to your website in groups, they visit you online personally. It’s best to speak to them where they’re at.