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About; SEO Web Copy - I place copy to embrace customers, improve UX, & include on page SEO
About; SEO Web Copy

I write words that get your customers to raise their hand

I place copy to embrace customers, improve UX, & include on page SEO

I’m your (slightly mad) word scientist testing problem-solving hypotheses & creating effective formulas that get results for your business

I’m properly trained in Persuasive & Formal Writing, Mass Media, and Public Relations with a BA in Communications. I also have 6+ years of experience in Web Design & Development plus additional education, certifications, and field experience in Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Social Media, and SEO – So, I know the secret password and the secret handshake


Putting It Simply

Copywriting is creating words for marketing materials to get customers to take action

I’m a writer, except my character development is customer avatar focused & my storytelling is your brand’s message

I’m a Curly-haired, Colorado Livin’ Copywriter that loves getting results for businesses, so real people can experience the freedom they desperately need. You can catch me living my minimalist life outside the matrix, but while we’re wired in now, I wanna say; What I don’t do is keyword stuffing or make false claims about your business; I simply help you put your best foot forward with customers & search engines


I'm a colorado copywriter that loves getting real results for businesses

Has Trying To Convert Someone Actually Worked?

Mostly, It Makes People Feel Sold To & Turned Off

Don’t be an online crusader delivering the wrong message at the wrong time to the wrong people; it only ends in a bloody battle – For your business, this means going deeper into the red. Now, when visitors land on your site, we’ll assure them they’re in the right place


It’s Not Finished Until

The OMG I Love It! Moment

You’re Here For A Damn Good Reason

You Can Become The Easily Identifiable Solution For Your Customers

You’re not the only one navigating through the online war zone to find trusted solutions, your audience is too – I’ll write copy that identifies safe passage for your customers, establishing you as a reliable authority


The Come As You Are Approach To Engaging Customers

less assumptions about your audience & more connections based on proof

Quit talking to customers from where you’re at, or where you wish they were; starting meeting them from where they are right now

I’ll dream up something “ta-da!” worthy for your business & carefully consider the projects I take on, so it’s a proper fit