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What Amount Would Make A Difference For Your Business?

The Right Strategy Can Add Up Like Interest Building Monthly

What You'll Get

Original Copy

No more recycled content online; get consistent, competitive copy designed just for your business

Authentic Voice

Language your customers automatically identify with that you can be proud of as a business owner

Go-To Resource

No more paying the price of employee benefits and amateur inhouse copy of someone’s best guess

Competitive Pricing

More traffic & the right customers ready to buy means making your investment back quickly

Fast Turnaround

Completely reimagined website copy, or finished project ready to serve customers in as little as 5 Days

Brand New Feel

Air out any smelly copy your business that’s repelling your customers to show you’re reliable authority

What Services I Offer

Copy, like natural gas, can be a silent killer

It’s injected with a rotten egg smell, indicators from Google and other sources, to help customers head warning from your site: SEO red flags found in analytics, low conversions, and real time data

In other words, what you say to customers and how you say it matters; It’s time to invest in finding & fixing the leak

No more replacing adjectives like it’s high school poetry class – this time you get brand new copy written for your page goals & strategy to maximize user experience, Rankable keywords included to flow, New titles & descriptions for google & google my business, Plus refreshed call to action buttons + More!

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I find what’s relevant for your customers by highlighting a newsworthy event for your business that’s exciting to read & easy to share for extra SEO juice with a side of bacon + eggs. 

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Well researched, original articles in your brand voice helping you rank in google and serve your customers well without recycling the most common sense content cluttering the internet

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Inspire customers to act towards a single page goal or conversion that’s exciting to read and encourages urgency 
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30 days worth of strategic engaging content to check off your list
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In-depth, creative articles establishing your business as an expert authority in your field
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Clump two or more services together and get $100 off.
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Get unlimited copy for two weeks plus revisions *not including white papers or case studies 
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Not seeing what you’re looking for? send an email to to check availability for other projects

The Process

What To Expect


Digital Secret Handshake

We typically chat via email about the scope & mission of the project to see how I can create something “ta-da!” worthy.
After an approved quote, it’s time to get started turning your vision into words well received by your audience.


Nerd Alert

I get to know your customers language and problems, so I can sit at their lunch table
I find out what keywords have a decent search volume by season and determine rankability for your strategy


A Game Of Copy Tetris

I come up with creative copy concepts to determine the direction for your project.
I’ll write copy with the right formality that resonates with your customers, showing them how they benefit and why they should care while incorporating keywords to flow


Ta-Da Worthy Copy

Nobody puts baby in a corner…without your permission, that is. Once I have your final approval, I’ll remove my copyright and hand over your brand new copy guaranteed to get less cold shoulders.

Real People, Real Testimonials

Don’t just take our words for it. Our clients are our biggest supporters. Would you like to know what they think about us?

“Hiring Megan was a great decision, as she is communicative, understanding and very talented in her copywriting skills. She met the brief perfectly and is a delight to work with! Working with Megan is fantastic! She is so skilled and blows me away with each job. Her ability to capture tone and hone in on the most important aspects of the business to convey are amazing.”

Kiara Melissa, Web Designer
CEO, Kiara Melissa

“I chose Megan because I believed I could get better results for my business with an optimized site and better copy. Megan listened to my vision and executed exactly what I wanted.”

Kim Hairston, Web Designer
CEO, Colorado Web Design Studios