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  • Copywriting Services

I Don't Write Monologues.

I’m about better conversations with the right people starting with copy that’s more human. I’ll upgrade language about your business to conversations with your audience, stick around to help measure effectiveness, and work with you to answer the tough questions about branding, putting powerful words to use for your mission… It’s that easy huh? Yep, it’s that hard.

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  • Copywriting Services

I Serve Web Designers and Developers

As a designer or developer, you want websites to work for businesses. You understand the importance of the look and feel for the user, keeping in mind branding and readability. You’re pretty good at speaking tech but need an expert to create engaging, emotional copy.

  • Copywriting Services

I Serve Marketing Agencies

As an agency, you count on measurable results and understand the importance of valuable, original content for clients. You bear the impossible challenge of increasing workloads with shrinking budgets. An expert can help you create clear branding & consistent content.

  • What To Expect

The Process

We’ll dream up the impact we’re gonna make together with a thorough questionnaire that gets into purpose and goals. I’ll keep the story alive and unfolding, just as it is behind the screen with on-time deliverables measuring your definition of value.

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  • Serving Differently

"How can I be unique if everyone is doing the same thing?"

Surviving shouldn’t be what you do best. Your passion should be. With your story, background, and leadership there’s something one-of-a-kind buried in you. We can work together to play to your strengths in your copy. Every brand is unique, so services are offered in custom packages.

I Can Help

Refreshing your branding can help justify workloads with better on brand decisions, attracting higher quality clients. I’ll help create transparent questionnaires and guidelines to avoid unnecessary miscommunications and focus on impact over politics.

Simply showing up isn’t enough. I’ll help communicate what’s valuable in the eyes of your target audience while supporting why this message is coming from you.

Ambiguous doesn’t serve your audience. I’ll help assure them they’re in the right place, so you can have better conversations with confidence – it’s been done before, but not your way with your story and background.

Match your customer’s questions with your website starting with keyword research considering volume by season, user intent, and rankability.

They Stood In Your Shoes

Here’s a few messages from those who have gone before you; see what our clients think

“Hiring Megan was a great decision, as she is communicative, understanding and very talented in her copywriting skills. She met the brief perfectly and is a delight to work with! Her ability to capture tone and hone in on the most important aspects of the business to convey are amazing.”

Kiara Melissa, Web Designer
Kiara Melissa, Web Designer

“I chose Megan because I believed I could get better results for my business with an optimized site and better copy. Megan listened to my vision and executed exactly what I wanted.”

Kim Hairston, Web Designer
Kim Hairston, Web Designer

Expand Our Impact, Together

What Would A Collaboration Look Like?

Copywriting CheckThis partnership can help answer questions like; 

  • How can I improve engagement, SEO, & click through rate?
  • How can I execute a strong social media marketing strategy for clients?
  • How can I speak more to my target audience without being boring or feel like I’m begging?
  • How can I show my values & incorporate my brand story while trying to benefit the customer?
  • How can I reach higher paying clients?

Deliverables As Needed

Copy Deck Brief
A/B Testing
Heat Mapping
Branding Guide
Suggested Keywords
Competitor Analysis

Customer Interviews

See How It Works

Valuable Content

If you ask me to create valuable content I’m going to distill your message to its truest meaning and establish what value means to you and your audience to measure content by

Best Practices

If you ask me for industry best practices I’m going to find what works best for your brand so you can engage better conversations with your customers & make on-brand decisions


If you ask me to help express your voice, We’re going to work thoroughly to base your purpose, values, and your own definitions on things you stand for in between too much & not enough

You can peek at the FAQS or you can always ask me directly

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